Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review

one piece toilet review Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review

Our review of the top 3 one piece toilets in 2013. One piece toilets have become more popular again in the design of today’s bathroom. We have been seeing the demand for one piece toilets go up over the last decade, but what makes the one piece toilet so sought after is its sleek design and lower maintenance on toilet parts.Here we will look at our favorite one piece toilets of 2013.

K 3467 white Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review
Kohler  San Raphael

  Kohler one-piece round-front toilet with concealed trap

The Kohler San Raphael one-piece round-front toilet is a very modern and sleek one piece toilet. Kohler is known for there exceptional quality when it comes to manufacturing toilets so quality of the toilet is no question. The Kohler San Raphael one piece toilet looks great in any bathroom and the concealed trap makes cleaning of this toilet simple. The toilet delivers complete 3.5-gallon performance in a 1.6-gallon package.

 Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review

 Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review 

 Elongated Toilet

american standard 2403 328 222 151 Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review
American Standard Cadet 3 One-Piece

The American Standard Linen Cadet 3 has got to be in this plumbers opinion the top pick for a one piece toilet on the market. I say this because of a few reasons, the price of the one piece Cadet 3 is significantly lower then other one piece toilets on the market. The lower cost does not affect the quality of the product in the least. Call backs are a plumbers nightmare and with the American Standard one piece cadet 3 it is very rare for me to receive a call back which puts this one piece toilet at the top of my list.

 american standard 2786 128 222 317 Top 3 One Piece Toilet Review Top 3 One Piece Toilet ReviewAmerican Standard Tropic One-Piece Elongated Toilet

The American standard Tropic one piece toilet made our top list because of its visual design a s well as quality manufacturing. The American Standard Tropic is a visually pleasing toilet that will demand attention when you walk in to the bathroom. With exceptional quality in the mechanisms in the one piece toilet it is low maintenance easy to clean and plumbers don’t get call backs. We highly recommend the American Standard Tropic for your new bathroom.  

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