Sink Wont Drain? 3 Options for Clogged sink Drains

clogged sink

Sink Wont Drain Sink Wont Drain? 3 Options for Clogged sink Drains How do I Fix My Clogged Sink

Everyone has been in this situation at one point in there lives. The moment that a clogged sink drain wont drain anymore. You’ve watched the sink drain slowly get worse and worse and now it has completely stopped draining. So now what do you do to get the clogged sink drain draining again? Here we will go over a couple options you may have in order to drain your sink again. These options are organized from easiest to more difficult so start with option 1 to unclog your sink.

How to Fix a Clogged Sink

1.Clean the P-trap and pop-up assembly
2.Use a Sink Plunger
3.Auger The Drain

Clean the P-trap and Pop-Up assembly

In many cases when a drain is clogged  the culprit is in either the pop-up assembly of the drain or the p-trap on the drain. Many plumbing service calls are as simple as disconnecting a customers pop-up assembly and removing the p-trap and you will find all sorts of things in there. Both the drain pop-up assembly and the p-trap can cleaned quickly and easily.

Use a Sink Plunger

A sink plunger works different than a toilet plunger. The main difference between a sink plunger and a toilet plunger is that a toilet plunger your trying to push the clog through, where as a sink plunger your pulling the clog out. When using a plunger on a sink I have always had much better luck pulling the blockage out of the sink as opposed to pushing it into the drain.

Auguring The Drain (also called snaking)

Auguring a sink drain is not overly difficult if your comfortable with power tools. If you are not comfortable with using a power tool than you will need to call a plumber unfortunately. If you are comfortable using a power tool than auguring the sink drain will get you up and running. Auguring a sink drain involves sending a cable with a specific head attachment down the drain that spins and forces its way through the clog. There are hand augurs available that do not require power however more often times then not they do not work or do a poor job and the sink is back to draining slow in no time.

In Conclusion
many people go straight to drano or other chemicals to get a sink draining again when a small amount of knowledge about sink drains is all they really need. I personally would never use any chemicals to get a clogged sink drain flowing again, the three options above will get a clogged sink drain draining again in no time. You May also have a venting issue with the sink drain.

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