Air Admittance Valve Installation / Cheater Vent

cheater vent bathtub1 Air Admittance Valve Installation / Cheater Vent
air admittance valve installation

There are a few things you should know about an air admittance valve installation before you start cutting plumbing drains. Air admittance valves are an easy way to vent a fixture however there is one thing to mention before we get into the air admittance valve installation. Make sure you purchase an air admittance valve that has been approved. They make cheap air admittance valves that you can buy at your local hardware store or online. Do not cheap out on this device, cheap aav’s fail. And when they fail they let sewer gas into your home.

Air Admittance Valve Installation

air admittance valve install1 Air Admittance Valve Installation / Cheater VentWhen installing an aav the valve is installed after the ptrap. The air admittance valve lets air into the plumbing drain when a sink is draining. This device is installed to protect the ptrap of the fixture its serving. Without a vent of any kind a drain can not only make a glugging noise and drain slow but also the water out of the ptrap can be pulled out letting sewer gas into your home.
During the air admittance valve installation ensure that the air admittance valve is installed no further than 4’11″ from the ptrap pf the fixture it is serving. any further than 4’11″ and the air admittance valve will not function properly.
Install the air admittance valve vertically. The valve will not function if it’s installed in any manner other than vertical.

Recap for an Air Admittance Valve Installation

  • Install the aav after the ptrap.
  • Install the aav no further than 4’11″ from the ptrap.
  • Install the air admittance in the vertical position.
  • Install

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