Toilet Making Loud Noise

toilet making noise

Toilet Making Loud Noise

toilet noise water Toilet Making Loud Noise

The water supply to the toilet is making a noise, this can be fixed easily. This can be sometimes described as a humming noise or even a clunking noise. Here we will discuss what is causing the water to make a noise at the toilet and what you the homeowner can do to stop the noise from happening.

Why is The Toilet Making Loud Noise

Typically there are two reasons your toilet making loud noise, it is either the the fill valve in the toilet that is making the toilet make noise, or it is a water hammer caused by the fill valve. Water hammers will be heard at where the water supply shut off for the toilet is or you will even here it in the walls or under the floor depending on where the supply to the toilet is ran. Both can be fixed easily and we will explain how.


Water Supply to Toilet Making a Noise

water hammer arrestor Toilet Making Loud Noise

The water supply feeding the toilet makes a noise because of the fill valve. It doesn’t mean that theres anything wrong with the fill valve necessarily. The fill valve closes very quickly once the toilet has met its demand for filling the tank. When the fill valve closes it closes very quickly and the water pressure (40-60psi) has to stop instantly creating a water noise or a vibration. This causes a water hammer to occur and can be harmful to your waterlines over time. What you need to do is install a water hammer arrest on your toilet supply, its very easy to install and all you need is a 5/8″wrench and a 1/2″ wrench. You can get one off ebay cheap.

Fill Valve is Making a Noise

Loud noise toilet fill valve Toilet Making Loud NoiseThe fill valve could be the other reason your toilet is making a noise. Fill valves get worn over time and need to be replaced. The noise that comes from the fill valve is caused by failing seats and washers located in the fill valve. If you suspect your fill valve is making the noise than replace it, there is no point in trying to fix it as they are cheaper and less time consuming to just replace, they are easy to install.


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