Water Coming up Floor Drain

water coming up floor drain

Water Coming up Floor Drain

floor drain backup Water Coming up Floor Drain

This is a very common problem unfortunately, many people experience the day when they walk downstairs and see water coming up they’re floor drain. The reason the water is coming up through the floor drain is because either your sewer is backing up in your main sewer line to your house, or it has backed up at the city side of the sewer. If you have a septic system then the water is coming up from the floor drain because your septic tank could be full. Rarely, it always seems is the problem on the city side unfortunately, so fixing the water coming up the floor drain is usually your responsibility.If your not sure how the plumbing looks in your basement see Bathroom Plumbing Drains in Basement.

How To Fix The Floor Drain Backup

cleanout for house Water Coming up Floor Drain
4″ Clean Out

plumbing auger drain Water Coming up Floor DrainIf you have a read a little about floor drains backing up than by now you’ve found out that you need to auger the drain. An auger is a tool used by plumbers to free blockages. You will need to either call a plumber to auger it or go rent an auger and try it yourself (Can be a dangerous tool if used improperly). If your going to try to auger it yourself than you can’t auger through the floor drain as it has a P-trap that the auger can not get through. You will either have to look for a clean out that will be 3″ minimum in size or go through a toilet. Going through the toilet will require you to pull the toilet off the flange. Auguring a main building sewer is not for the inexperienced, you should have some general trades knowledge or have experience with basic plumbing or you could end up just calling a plumber to free up the floor drain in the end.

Risks Involved When Auguring/ Snaking A Sewer Drain

When auguring your own sewer drain there are some risks involved such as

  • Gas Line drilled through your Sewer Drain. Hitting the gas line with an auger has caused explosions.
gasline sewer danger Water Coming up Floor Drain
  • Broken Sewer pipe. Pipes can become crushed or broken, auguring a crushed or broken pipe will usually just make the problem much worse to the point where it will have to be dug up.
  • Auger can seriously injure you if you are not careful and informed.


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