Install Water To Refrigerator Ice Maker

install water to refrigerator

Install Water To Refrigerator Ice Maker

Ice Maker Water Refridgerator Install Water To Refrigerator Ice Maker
Installing a waterline to ice maker. Here we will show you how to install a waterline to your refrigerator. We will go over what waterline products to use and what not to use to install a waterline to an ice maker.

Water Supply To The Ice Maker

no solder shut off Install Water To Refrigerator Ice MakerYou will need to start with a shut off for the supply to the ice maker. Typically the easiest way to install a shut off for an ice maker is to install the shut off under your kitchen sink as it it usually the closest cold water supply.
Needle valve Install Water To Refrigerator Ice Maker
Needle Valve (DO NOT USE)
You will need to install a 1/2″ copper x 1/4″ compression shut off. If you do not feel comfortable soldering than I would suggest getting a “sharkbite” shut off from Ebay. These fittings just push on to the copper you will cut and there is no need to do any soldering. Install the shut off on your Cold Supply Line. DO NOT USE A NEEDLE VALE!. These Valves will leak every time so do not do it you will be changing it in the next year or causing water damage.

Installing The Supply To The Ice Maker

Next you will need to run the water line from the shut off to the ice maker. I would suggest when picking your supply to the ice maker to go with a flex supply as opposed to the soft copper supply. Soft copper can be difficult to work with and if you kink it, your done and you need to go buy a new one.


water supply refridgerator Install Water To Refrigerator Ice MakerThe 1/4″ steel flex line is far superior, its next to impossible to kink and it lasts much longer. It may cost you and extra 5 bucks but just do it. Don’t waste your time with the soft copper line with the needle valve unless you really enjoy being frustrated.

refrigerator water supply Install Water To Refrigerator Ice MakerNow you need to run the supply from your new shut off valve under your kitchen sink to your ice maker supply located on the back of the refrigerator at the bottom. Some refrigerator’s will have a piece of cardboard that cover’s the supply hook up. Check in your manual to see if you have to take off this cardboard. The supply on the refrigerator will be a 1/4″ compression, which is what your flex supply will have so its as simple as adapting to this 1/4″ compression and tightening the flex supply to the refrigerator adapter.

When your finished Installing Water Supply To Ice Maker

refrigerator filter install Install Water To Refrigerator Ice MakerWhen you are finished the connections hold down the water dispenser on the front of the refrigerator, it may take a couple of minutes for the water to fill the reservoir inside the refrigerator so be patient until the water starts to come out of the front of the refrigerator. It is recommended by all manufactures to throw out the first 2 or 3 trays of ice that are made. This is very important you do not want to get sick from whatever could have sat in the ice maker during the manufacturing storage and shipping of your new refrigerator. Also you should ensure that your filter is installed in the refrigerator and is working, most refrigerators come with these filters installed inside near the top of the refrigerator but some do require you to install the filter.  Some filter’s are located on the bottom of the refrigerator you will have to check your owners manual to see where your filter is located on your refrigerator.install water to refrigerator

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