How To Fix a Bathtub Drain

How To Fix a Bathtub Drain

How to fix bath drain How To Fix a Bathtub DrainBathtub drains can be problematic. If you have tried to clear the bathtub drain and the bathtub just wont unclog then you will need to replace the tub drain. Here we will go over step by step on how to fix the bathtub drain. This is a step by step instructions on how to repair your bathtub drain.

 Fix a Bathtub Drain Using a Hand Auger

The first thing you need to do to fix the bathtub drain is to auger the tub drain using a hand auger. I always recommend going through the overflow portion of the bathtub. The picture to the left shows a hand auger going through the overflow portion of the bathtub. There will be a screw that hold the cover plate of the overflow on. Simply back this screw off and it will allow you access into the overflow. You can see that the bathtub overflow connects with the bath drain. Typically blockages occur where the overflow meets the bathtub drain because of hair.

If you need to purchase a hand auger you can get one off ebay really cheep. I would recommend trying to use the hand auger before going any further because its cheep to try and has a high level of success.

Fix a Bathtub Drain Using a Power Auger

Fix a bathtub drain How To Fix a Bathtub Drain

If you have tried a hand auger to fix a bathtub drain and it did not work. Than you will have to go to the power auger. These power auger’s work better than a hand auger to clear the bath drain. It works basically the same as the hand auger it just uses power to turn the auger in order to free to bathtub drain blockage.

These can also be purchased cheaper off ebay. Do not be intimidated of the power auger. It uses power however it rotates at a low rpm so anybody can use one do not be afraid to hurt yourself.

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