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Frost Free on Cover GS Replace an Exterior Faucet
Frost Free Hydrant
If you need to replace an exterior faucet outside tap that is not working and it is a frost free hydrant than repairing it is actually very simple. Here we will go step by step on how to replace your exterior faucet.
Things you will need
1.Frost free Valve Stem Replace an Exterior Faucet


 Replace an Exterior Faucet
There should be a shut off Replace an Exterior Faucet valve located in your house somewhere to shut down the water going to your outside tap. It will be the one you turn off in the winter time. Locate that valve and turn it off. Double check outside at the exterior faucet by opening the frost free hydrant and making sure that the water is in fact off.
Go out to the exterior faucet there is whats called a “packing nut” on the outside tap. It is located just after the handle that you use to turn the tap on and off. Back this nut off the outside tap. Use an adjustable wrench and turn the nut in the direction you would go to turn the exterior faucet off. Once it is off you will be able to pull out the “Stem”. The Stem goes the whole length of the outside tap and will be from 8″-14″ long depending on how long your outside tap is.
265127 300 Replace an Exterior Faucet
Frost Free Valve Stem
Once you have the stem out just take it to your nearest hardware store and ask an associate to help you find a “frost free hydrant stem” bring it with you its always easier that way.
Simply put the new stem back into the exterior faucet and tighten the packing nut back onto it. Make sure the outside tap is closed, now go back into your house and turn the shut off valve back on.Please not when you repair exterior faucet that it properly installed. If your not sure how an exterior faucet should be properly installed then read our article on Preventing outside Taps from freezing.

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