My toilet is flushing slow

My Toilet is Flushing Slow

From time to time toilets will start to slow down. Why your toilet is flushing slow can be a few different reasons that we will go over.

Thing you will need  
504 2 My toilet is flushing slow
Siphon Jet hole opposite where the water leaves the toilet

    1.  Siphon Jet Hole is plugged. 

Not all toilets have a siphon jet hole My toilet is flushing slow. This is a small hole located opposite of where the water exits the toilet. What this hole does is when the lever is depressed it sends water through the hole starting the flushing process.
You do not need to shut the water off to the toilet to fix this, just use a screwdriver or whatever you can find that will fit in this hole to clean it out. Try not to scratch the porcelain as much as possible. Urine is one of the main causes of blocking this hole off so you may want to put on some gloves.

toilet auger My toilet is flushing slow

2. Toilet is blocked in the integral trap

This one is the most common that I have come across. From time to time things are just to big to fit down the toilet and get caught in the toilets integral trap. Sometimes a plunger will free this up, but if that doesn’t work then before you call a plumber I would recommend purchasing a toilet auger they cost between $20-$30. These are pretty easy tools to use and most people have a lot of success using them.
 My toilet is flushing slow

3.The small holes that fill your bowl are plugged.

If you look inside the toilet underneath the brim of the toilet bowl you will see a bunch of small holes. These holes are what keep water in your bowl and in the p-trap in the toilet. There needs to be a certain amount of water in the toilet before the flushing cycle can start. If these are plugged it can also cause a double flush. An easy way to fix this is to find something like a coat hanger or even a Q-tip and go around the bowl to every hole and make sure you can push it into the opening.

4.The water level in your toilet is not set properly

inside toilet tank My toilet is flushing slowIf you lift the lid off the tank of the toilet there should be a line indicated by the manufacturer of where the water should fill in the tank to. If your water is below this line then there is not sufficient water entering the toilet to make a proper flush. You will need to adjust the fill valve in the toilet to allow more water to fill the tank of your toilet. The water level should always be below (5)  the Overflow Tube.

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