My Bathtub is Draining Slow, Solution

bathtub is draining slow

bathtub drain venting3 My Bathtub is Draining Slow, Solution The bathtub is draining slow because of whats going down them including hair,soaps and dirt. Here we will go over how to try and get the bathtub drain flowing again. Including removing hair and soap. When trying to clear a bathtub drain the first thing to try is plunging the bathtub drain, do not go straight to Drano. Drano can cause more problems than solutions.

Plunging The Bathub Drain

Bathtub is Draining Slow
1.Plunging the bathtub only works My Bathtub is Draining Slow, Solution if the blockage is before the bathtub vent. If the block is after the vent then you will be just pushing air up the vent.
2.Near the top of the bathtub drain is the overflow for the bathtub, this is installed so that when the water in the bath gets to this point, the water will flow down the drain and not onto your floor.
3.Take the trim off the overflow allowing access into the over flow. You will need to block the overflow off in order to plunge the tub, if you do not then your just plunging the air out the overflow. Use another plunger or put a damp rag in the overflow.
4.Make sure there is a small amount of water in the bathtub before you start plunging. Push the water down the bathtub drain and then pull it back, the pull back is equally as important as the push. Its not about how fast you go or how hard you push. Its more about getting the water in the pipe rocking back and forth using the push and pull technique. Thus technique can help when the bathtub is draining slow.

Bathtub is Draining Slow – Hair In The Bathtub Drain


Very common problem especially if someone in your house has long hair. A very easy fix though, I would use a product called hair remover. They are sold at most hardware stores, its basically is a piece of plastic with small nubs attached to it that when you put it down the bathtub drain and pull back, the little nubs will grab hair as it comes out of the drain.
If neither of these solutions fix the bathtub drain then you have a blockage that is located after the vent. You will need to get the bathtub drain augured to free the blockage go to How To Fix a Bathtub Drain to find out how to auger the drain as this is your next step.

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