Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucet

moen vs delta vs kohler Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucet

Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucet which brand of faucet is best. I always get asked “which brand do I select when buying a new faucet”. Ill try to break it down with a pros and cons list of the top 3 faucets brands that I would recommend using, Moen, Delta and Kohler faucet. These three brands have stood the test of time.They could be called the current leaders in the residential faucet industry.

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Kohler Faucet Review

 Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucet
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Kohler faucets are amongst the best when it come to design, function and quality.
1. Very nice looking faucets
2. Rarely run into problems with the cartridges inside the faucet
3.Easy to install
4.Brass body’s on the faucets

1. On the high end or expensive side
2. Cartridges a little harder to track down for the average customer.

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Delta Faucets Review

Delta Faucets are also amongst the best when it comes to selecting a kitchen faucet for your home.

1.Wide range of faucets from low end to high end
2.Easy to install for a do it yourself person.

1.Cartridges are not as easy to replace
2.Low end faucets can look cheep
3.Body of the faucet is mostly plastic

reflex Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucet

Moen Faucets Review

Moen Faucets are the most widely used faucets because of there cost and there free cartridges they provide free of charge.

1.Very wide range from low to high end.
2.Easy to install
3.Lifetime cartridge replacement from your local hardware store.

1.Low end faucets can appear cheap
2.Body of the faucet is mostly plastic

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Conclusion To Moen VS Delta VS Kohler

I usually tell people if they’re going to purchase a new faucet to go with Moen simply because most plumbers on the road stock all there cartridges and they are easy to fix when they start to act up. I would stay away from company’s like “peerless, Rubinet, Grohe… That just a personal opinion from my experiences. You should be able to find the faucet you like between these three company’s. As far as looks I prefer Kohler faucet. I find Kohler faucet design to be the best amongst the three. If the customer is looking for high end fixtures I lean them towards Kohler faucet.

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