Replace Shut Off Valve For Toilet

Replace Shut Off Valve For Toilet

When Replacing a shut off valve for a toilet, Replace Shut Off Valve For ToiletIt is Highly recommended that every toilet have an individual shut off on it in case of any emergency that would require you to shut off the water to the fixture. It also comes in handy if you need to make any repairs to the toilet, here we will go step by step on how to replace a shut off valve.
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You will need to shut off the water supply to the entire house. This is a good example of why we put a shut off on every fixture, so we don’t need to shut down the whole house. If you do not know how to shut down the water to the house this will tell you what to do.
Open a faucet at the lowest point of your house and the highest point. We do this to drain all the water out of the system. If you don’t do this, the water will become trapped in the pipes and you will have a very tough time soldering.
Disconnect the water supply to the toilet and drain the tank. Refer to this link for instructions on how to disconnect the supply and drain the tank.


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SharkBite Shut off
Cut the old adapter off the copper. Clean and prepare to solder. Learn how to Solder. If your not comfortable soldering they make shut offs now called sharkbite, this shut off just pushes on to the copper.
Solder on your shut off to the existing copper, remember to take the new shut off apart when soldering, you don’t want to melt the rubber washers in it.
Connect the water supply line from the new shut off back to your toilet tank. Turn the water back on to the house and check for any leaks.

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