Hook Up a Double Kitchen Sink

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How to hook up a double kitchen sink. Here we will discuss how to properly hook up a double kitchen sink drain. Your kitchen sink drain will be ABS in Canada and PVC in the USA. When adapting a drain pipe make sure you use the correct pipe.

Hook up a Double Kichen Sink Step:1 Hook up both your tail pieces to the bottom of the kitchen sink. They can just be put on hand tight to start. The picture to the left shows the tailpiece adapting to the sink. Make sure that the gasket is in place.
 Hook Up a Double Kitchen Sink
IMG 0852 Hook Up a Double Kitchen SinkStep 2: put your trap adapters on to both of your tailpieces. You can hand tighten this on for right now it will be used for measuring plumbing pipe.

Step 3:  Cut a small piece of drain pipe for each trap adapter. I usually cut them at 3″. Glue these two pieces of plumbing pipe into the trap adapters. Now glue a 90 on the other end of the plumbing pipe opposite the adapter and the tee on the other piece of plumbing pipe opposite the adapter, If you measure in between the tee and the 90 that will be your piece of plumbing pipe to cut to join the two sides of the sinks together.

The reason you do steps 1-3 first is that it gives you some play because the trap adapters when loosened will slide up and down on the tailpiece

Step 5: Hook up your p-trap to the bottom of the tee using a piece of drain pipe. Make sure that between the 90 of the p-trap and the opening of your drain that you have a 1/4″ of fall per foot, do not put the drain pipe level and do not put to much fall on it either, remember you have play by sliding the trap adapters up and down.so
Use a p-trap with a union nut on it  so you will be able to take it apart in the future for if and when the drain pipe starts to back up.

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